The Power of Music: Ultimate Ballroom 21 & Latin 19

May 26, 2018

Latest releases from WRD - Ultimate Ballroom Album 21 and Ultimate Latin Album 19

Each of the latest Ultimate albums have cover photos of the World Champions,


The Ultimate Ballroom Album 21 features  Arunas and Katusha and the Ultimate Latin Album 19 Riccardo and Yulia,  so setting the standard of what has become an annual treatreviewing this series  from WRD MUSIC.  It astonishes me how the production team of these 2CD albums continue to find such a variety and such quality for both of these Ballroom and Latin recordings!





Ultimate Ballroom Album 21 – ‘Sophisticated Swing ‘ Cat. # WR2CD5084 (43 tracks and total time 136. mins)

Disc One has 11 Slow Foxtrots, all very good ones with number 11 being my favourite,   “That Face” from Frank Sinatra Jr! Other major artists included are Michael Buble, Jack Jones, Diana Krall, and Robbie Williams. The 10 Quicksteps are all terrific, starting with a Big Band  “Jungle Jive” and including a very fresh recording of an old favourite “Sing Sing Sing” from the James Horner Orchestra (from the O.S.T ‘Swing Kids’)


Disc Two has 10 beautiful Waltzes, some orchestral with a Celtic feel and others with lush strings and piano pieces, notably a  beautiful  vocal “Perfect Day” by Miriam Stockley from “The Tales Of Beatrix Potter“, a fabulous DJ Ice offering of “Watermark” and Helen Jane Long “Breath”. 7  sharp Tangos follow, starting with an unusual “Besame Mucho” and including an Alfred Hause Orchestra instrumental finishing with the Departed Tango by Howard Shore from the film soundtrack. The 5 Viennese Waltzes have 3 vocal and 2 instrumental. I thought the last one of these, “Gramophone” by Eugen Doga was the best.





Ultimate Latin Album 19 – ‘And I Love Her’ Cat. # WR2CD5085 (43 tracks and total time 146 minutes)

Disc One has 11 strong Sambas, many with an authentic Brazilian style from artists such as Sergio Mendes ft. The Black Eyed Peas, (My personal favourite track with the title “Mas Que Nada”),  Os Originais Do Samba and Banda Beijo. Others with more modern Latino styles by  Thalia, Pitbull ft Osmani Garcia, Chino & Nacho, Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato.

There are 11 diverse Cha Chas including classics such as the ever popular “Pata Pata” by Miriam Makeba, “Quizas Quizas Quizas” by Natalie Cole and  the very nice and a little soft  “Knock on Wood” by Poncho Sanchez.“ Katchi” by Ofenbach vs Nick Waterhouse, “As If” Jason Allan  and “Whatchugot” Caro Emerald were really great!

Disc Two has 11 beautiful Rumbas at various tempi from 24 to 26 bpm, including well known modern songs such as “And I Love Her” and “Baker Street” and artists such as Los Tri-O (a very good track) and  Brazilians Nana Caymmi ft. Erasmo Carlos.  Natalie Cole ft.  Nat King Cole’s recording of “Acercate Mas” was wonderful! I did find that some of these Rumba tracks were a little rhythmically  soft for my taste, they all are however authentic in rumba feel and style.

There are some world famous artists amongst the 8 fabulous, lively and “punchy” Jives such as ”Rip It Up” from Cliff Richard, and “Great Balls Of Fire” from Chris Isaak. For those who, like me, love piano style boogie then Lavelle White’s track of “Wootie Boogie” will delight you! Every one of these Jive tracks will be very well appreciated.

Lastly we finish with two dramatic Paso Dobles. The second of these “Imperial March” from Dj ice will certainly be popular.


You can buy both of these double albums in the Ultimate Series from

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