Reviews of Very Ballroom 3 and Very Latin 3 by Bryan Allen

The "VERY" series of both VERY BALLROOM and VERY LATIN continue to provide tremendous does tracks that have proven very popular. The series have become well established in the Dance World Marketplace as they give delightful music and astonishing value. Both are double CDs with 43 tracks each.

Very Ballroom 3 (cat # WR2CD5078) start with 10 Waltz tracks, many with an attractive softer, almost haunting quality featuring, as both CDs do, DJ ICE plus numerous other artists. Six strong Tangos follow and the six Viennese Waltzes interesting arrangements.

CD2 has 11 Foxtrots and 10 Quicksteps and is quite outstanding! The Foxtrots contain wonderful modern music, for example "My Angel Put The Devil In Me" is from Doctor Who!!!

The Quicksteps..... well!!! If you like your Quicksteps to literally move you, both physically and musically, then all of these will do just that. This is one of the 2 CDs alone is the well worth the total cost. Included are many covers of popular current artists such as Adele, Coldplay, Rihanna, and Pharrell Williams. You will love it!

Very Latin 3 (cat # WR2CD5079) starts with 11 each of Sambas and Cha Cha Chas, with CD 2 having 11 Rumbas eight Jives and two Paso Dobles. All have strong rhythms and super arrangements. Included are many current popular artists and hit tunes, for example you enjoy reworkings of songs by Rihanna, Major Lazer, Enrique Iglesias, Don Omar, Justin Timberlake, Charlie Puth, Britney Spears and others. The Sambas and Cha Chas were all excellent.

CD2 started with 11 tracks of Rumbas recorded at tempi of 23-26 BPM and all were nice. The Jives, all eight of them, were terrific with track 17 (Boogie Jive) being the one that "did it for me". Both Paso Dobles have the required highlights and so may provide an alternative to Spanish Gipsy Dance.

Around half of the tracks on both the Ballroom and Latin releases are covers and the rest are original track remixed cost and expertly enhanced to result in top-class sounds.

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