The Power Of Music: Review of The Ultimate Ballroom Album 19 by Bryan Allen in “Dance News”

Once again, the president of British Dance Council, Bryan Allen has given a great review on WRD Music's recent album "The Ultimate Ballroom Album 19". Read the review below!

For the last three or more years I have reviewed the new releases from WRD Music and I have finished each time with comments such as "I doubt if they can continue to find really great tracks, both Ballroom and Latin for the following year"... BUT THEY DO!!!!

Let me start with the Ultimate Ballroom Album 19 with a total of forty-four tracks and the subtitle of "Love Me All Around The World" (WR2CD5076).

Disc 1 has eleven Foxtrots and eleven Quicksteps and if you are looking for value this would keep you dancing and/or listening for sixty-eight minutes. The Foxtrots are all vocal except for the fantastic Count Basie Orchestra on Track 8. Natalie Cole, Bobby Darin, George Benson, Diana Krall, and Robbie Williams among others will help you even more to enjoy your dancing across the floor.

The Quicksteps include a Big Band version of "Tequila" and a great Robbie Williams and Michael Bublé track "Soda Pop". The title track of "Love Me All Around The World" gives some language lessons and encouragement as you fly fly fly to this wonderful music, a most enjoyable recording.

Disc 2 has eleven Waltzes, six Tangos, and five Viennese Waltzes, offering some seventy-one minutes in total. The Waltz tracks are wonderfully light and include two non-vocals. My own favourite was "Plasir D'Amour" by Nana Mouskouri but the Bette Midler track ran very close. The Tangos are strong, not too much Argentine style, and you will find them very encouraging to your interpretation of the dance. One of the vocal tracks is very nice indeed, it is by Marina Gilian and the title "Hotel Due Stelle". The last of the six "Electro Tango" has a few vocal sections and offers a slightly different feel.

Finally the Viennese Waltzes are all nice, one has vocal input and the last Julia's Theme OST from Alexandre Desplat was lovely. I have no idea who the Julia was but she would be delighted with it!

The cover photograph is Victor and Anastasia and I think they will be very happy with all the selected music.

This album can be purchased at

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