MUST WATCH! "A Day To Remember" A Fantastic Show by Dmitriy & Anastasiya

Audiences at 2016 German Open Championships in Stuttgart were amazed by a beautiful and very emotional show "A Day To Remember", performed by Anastasiya Kulbeda & Dmitriy Pleshkov on 12 August.

See the video below.

The couple were coached by Viktor Kulbeda, Svetlana Kulbeda, and Natasha Ivanova, and the show concept was by Ton Greten.

I'm very pleased to be able to get in touch with Anastasiya and her coach Viktor Kulbeda to get to know more about them and their show. Below is our interview on Facebook.

What is the performance about ? What inspired you to do this show?

Our show is called "A Day to Remember" and is dedicated to all the violent attacks and wars all over the world since hundred years ago till today and to all people who died during them. The idea of show appeared in 2015 when Russia was celebrating "70 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War".

Music choice: what songs did you choose for the show and why?

We worked with music for long time and tried to get closer to character we want to show. One of main songs is "Nothing else matters" performed by children choir. Also we used a lot of voiceover and sound effects, for example birds and children as symbols of piece.

How long does it take for the practice? Was it hard to choreograph? Any difficulty?

We dance and practice this show for already two years, it's a long time. The hardest thing is to show both tragic mood of show and ballroom technique, to show maximum musicality.

How was the result in WDSF ShowDance competition?

With this show we achieved highest pick in career- winning gold medals of World Championship Freestyle Ballroom 2015 in China. We just couldn't believe our eyes when we saw points on the screen.

Do you have a new showdance coming soon?

We already have our new show finished and can't wait to perform it in China on September this year.

Any message that you like to give to your fans or audiences who are reading this blog post?

We want to thank everybody who like our show and also Stuttgart audience for giving us standing ovation. Let's create only piece and love in this world!

Ladies and Gentlemen. Remember, do not forget!

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