15 Amazingly Weird, Funny, and Stunning Ballroom Dance Optical Illusions

August 24, 2016

When an amazing dance is captured at the right time, the result can be either simply stunning... or weirdly funny.


These 15 Ballroom dancing pics will perplex your mind and, at the same time, bring a big smile to your face. Can you guess what actually happened in these pictures?



#1 He's not dancing with Ariel the little mermaid.

 Photo: Unkown Source


#2 That's not a headless girl.

 Photo: Wawro Photography



#3 That's not a boy in his girl's Latin dress.

 Photo: Wawro Photography


#4 And he's not holding his head.

 Photo: Wawro Photography


#5 That boy is not wearing a blue Latin dress either!

 Photo: dancemaze.ru


#6 They are not doing a threesome competition. 

 Photo: Ivo Dimitrov


#7 This is not two girls vs one boy Paso Doble.

 Photo: Unkown Source


#8 This is not a foursome competition.


Photo: rikki @ dancesportinfo.net


 #9 He's not a weightlifter trying to throw his girl away.

Photo: Strictly Come Dancing


#10 She is not an Indian God

 Photo: V-studio


#11 This is not from a same-sex rumba competition.

 Photo: Unkown Source


#12 And this is not a girl-girl couple.

 Photo: V-studio


#13 They are not dancing in front of mirrors.

 Photo: Unkown Source


#14 Ditto!

 Photo: T.Lukšio / BFL photo


#15 This is not a Karate competition.

 Photo: dancemaze.ru



All photos belong to their rightful owners.

Happy Dancing!


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