Review of the Ultimate Latin 16 by Bryan Allen in “Dance News” and “Dance Today” Magazine

In addition to the review of the Ultimate Ballroom 18 by Bryan Allen, President of the British Dance Council, had given another nice CD review of the Ultimate Latin 16. The reviews were published in "Dance News" and "Dance Today" magazine. Enjoy!

Power of Music: Reviews by Bryan Allen

(continued from the Ultimate Ballroom 18 section)

"The second new release is Latin; it continues the series "THE ULTIMATE LATIN ALBUM 16" (2CD) with forty-one tracks (cat. # WR2CD5073) with the sub title "Every Time We Touch" ...and you be touched by this exciting, stimulating and excellent music.

There are ten each of Samba and Cha Cha Cha, eleven Rumbas, eight Jives and two Paso Dobles, giving a total running time of 150 minutes. A number are very familiar but the variety of artists and orchestras selected makes them so "of the moment". An example is the Iko Iko Samba from Club des Belugas ft. Brenda Boykin. All tracks have been pre-mastered by DJ Ice, making the sound quality outstanding and there are only a few artists appearing more than once.

It was nice to hear the inclusion of Tea For Two, one of the very original Cha Cha recordings from the way back but with an updated remixed version. "Lovin' On Borrowed Time" from George Benson is q great Rumba as is the title track "Every Time We Touch". I loved all the Jives, in particular "The Clapping Song" (The Bon Bons) and "Scratch 'n' Sniff" (Steve Ray Vaughan). Both Paso Dobles run for over three minutes and are good.

Speaking personally I prefer a very strong and punchy rhythms for the Latin music and I did find one or two of these forty-one tracks a little on the light side but as I have sometimes said, music is a very personal taste and I was 99% completely satisfied!"

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