Review of Very Ballroom by Bryan Allen in “Dance News” and “Dance Today” Magazine

Wonderful review of Very Ballroom by Bryan Allen In “Dance News” and “Dance Today” magazine, thank you so much!

Review below...

“WRD Music is a company that consistently releases amazing CDs for dancing (I would have to add that they are also for the delightful listening pleasure) They continue to find beautiful tracks and they have certainly done so again with their latest 2CD release with 44 Modern Hits For Ballroom Dancing containing 11 Waltz, 8 Tango, 3 Viennese Waltz, 11 Slow Foxtrot and 11 Quickstep offerings.

The title of this new series 2CD is “Very Ballroom” (WR2CD 5070) with the subtitle “Dj Ice Presents..”. Every one of these tracks has been remixed and enhanced with strong rhythms to make them as near perfect as possible for every enthusiast. WRD Music in association with Dj Ice who assisted in the selection and compilation of the 44 tracks is a young dancer still at university . Dj Ice has proven to be a talented producer of CD music working in close collaboration with WRD Music and their sound and mastering engineer.

So, we have just less than two and a half hours of music and you will be certain to find almost all, if not all, to your liking and to inspire your dance performance and enjoyment. There is a mixture of vocal and non-vocal tracks (19 instrumental and 25 vocal) . There are very many tracks that are Title tracks taken from films and shows, including the very popular “ Let It Go” from “Frozen” and others from “Twilight Zone”, “Final Fantasy” , “Legends Of The Fall”, “The Lion King” , “ Inception “ etc. Lady Gaga, Pink, Adele, Whitney Houston versions are right up to the mark with the new album title “ Very Ballroom “….”Modern Hits “

To generalise I found the Waltz tracks, a few featuring a piano sound very nice and light. The Tangos were very strong and atmospheric and the Viennese Waltz trio interesting arrangements. The Slow Foxtrots with number 5 being a Beatles number and track 6 a fantastic track “I Wish You Love” from Tony DeSare and the final Foxtrot “Please Be Kind” was simply great music. The Quicksteps all sounded fabulous and are guaranteed to carry you round that floor inviting you to join the lightness, brightness and weightless feeling of being part of the music. It is to be hoped that the success of this new 2CD series and fabulous collection of music, will encourage both Dj Ice and WRD Music to co-produce future 2CD albums in this new series, bringing us more great music with terrific arrangements of these more up-to-date modern sounds.”

This new 2CD album is available to listen and buy from

You can listen to sample sound clips from from Soundcloud playlist here...

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