Review of the Ultimate Ballroom 18 by Bryan Allen in “Dance News” and “Dance Today” Magazine

Bryan Allen, President of the British Dance Council, had given a wonderful CD review of the Ultimate Ballroom 18 produced by WRD Music. The reviews were published in "Dance News" and "Dance Today" magazine.

Power of Music: Reviews by Bryan Allen

"It's that time of the year again and WRD Music is releasing three new 2CD albums and it has been a great pleasure to review them.

The first is "THE ULTIMATE BALLROOM ALBUM 18" (2CD) with 41 tracks (cat. # WR2CD5072) with the sub title "The Way You Look Tonight". All these specially selected tracks, many from original soundtracks, enhanced and tempo adjusted, are part of the WRD 'Cool' Collection and once again they have sourced the most wonderful music with many of the artists and orchestras new to me. All of the tracks reflect the high standard WRD Music has set for themselves and in doing so has given dancers and listeners superb music. With the production expertise and Dj Ice working with WRD Music on the pre-mastering, all tracks have the required tempo and, aided by today's sound technology, can be described as superiors to the originally recorded music.

There are eleven Slow Foxtrots, ten Quicksteps, ten Waltzes, eight Tangos and two Viennese Waltzes. Twenty-four tracks are vocal, some by the super-stars and there are seventeen fantastic instrumental and orchestral tracks, giving incredible value for money. In the Waltz section are many numbers from popular shows & films featuring both big orchestral arrangements and strings. For example, "Theme from the Elephant Man" and "The Chairman's Waltz" which is from "Memoirs of a Geisha" (my favourite of the ten).

Some of the Tangos have a "light touch", the two Viennese Waltzes were interesting. One of them "Chertkov Waltz" Yevtushenko (famous Russian composer & conductor) with the Music Academy Orchestra of St. Petersburg taken from the original soundtrack "The Last Station", and "Chez Chanel" VW by the Oscar winner Alexandre Desplat from the original soundtrack "Coco Avant Chanel".

I might be a little too critical about CD 2 because CD 1 was just amazing!!!!. All the Foxtrots and Quicksteps will delight you. There is a mixture of a few tracks which are "old classics"... such as "They Can't Take That Away From Me" and "Have You Met Miss Jones" performed by a modern artist the "mega" Robbie Williams & His Big Band (taken from his swing CD "Swing When You Are Winning". Other classics are "The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else" (Frank Sinatra Jr. & Steve Tyrell), "The Way You Look Tonight" by Maroon 5 as a Foxtrot and also as a Quickstep version by Bryan Ferry. CD 1 especially is a collection of tracks that are possibly the best WRD has ever produced.

For the last few years I have, in the review, asked "How do they do it?......... well.... they keep doing it"!!!!

To purchase any of these CDs go to or visit the stall at the Blackpool British 'Open' Festival

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