Review of Very Latin by Bryan Allen in “Dance News” and “Dance Today” Magazine

Bryan Allen, President of the British Dance Council, had given a wonderful CD review of the new release "Very Latin". Read the review below!

"Towards the end of last year I reviewed the first of a new series from WRD Music with the title "Very Ballroom" which is a fabulous album. Just released is a Latin counterpart "Very Latin" (cat. #WR2CD5071). It has forty-two Modern Hits for Latin dancing and fully lives up to its title offering two and a half hours of terrific Latin music. DJ Ice is totally involved with all of this CD and his expertise is so evident in the production, selection and music. I have to congratulate him and WRD Music for their collaboration.

Of the eleven Samba tracks, I loved "No Sigue Modas" but they were all so strong and many are current big hits. Of the Cha Cha Chas it was difficult to make a personal favourite track as they were all just great. In the Rumba section again there were so many brilliant tracks but "All Of Me" was very special. Great Jives followed and they will all, as a CD sleeves note says, have music that will "keep you on your toes". These certainly will!

Three Paso Doble tracks, each good but I was delighted with the so modern remix recording of "Espana Cani" from the Harmony Group DJ Ice. So many times do we hear this used by DJs that it almost becomes boring. Here we have an alternative club style remix version with traditional timing that is so refreshing. Will purists like it? We shall have to wait and see!

A terrific two CD to add to the library of your great Latin music."

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