My Review of the Ultimate Latin Album 15

Continued from my Ballroom review last week, now it's time for Latin! Today I'm giving my review on The Ultimate Latin 15 "The Shadow Of Your Smile" (cat. no. WR2CD5069), starring the world champions Michael & Joanna. Click here to listen to the sound clips as you read my review

Read my review and write down yours in the comment box! [SAMBA] Sambas in the album are flawless and explosive because most of them are modern sambas (2000s style which is totally my style). Unlike club or house samba style which lacks the authentic samba percussion, yet starts to become popular these days, the sambas in this album have clear percussion and strong beats that really give you the right feel of samba! Tempos range from 49 to 52 but that's the good range for all purposes! I know a fan like you would love them after listening to this amazing selection! Recommended Tracks: Chachi Que Si, Dov'e L'Amore,Chica Bacilona, Busco Una Salida [CHA CHA] Although chachas in their previous album (ultimate latin 14) sound a bit modern pop, this new album brings back the classic style, in addition to some explosive & latino pop chas!. Congratulations for this good change! Oh!... all are at 31 BPM, excluding one track at 32 BPM - still at perfect tempos for dancing! Recommended Tracks: Y Te Vas Conmigo, Cha Cha Cha # 7, Puro Mani, Act Two:Hound Dog, No Hay Problema [RUMBA] Tracks were very nicely selected so the CD contains a variety of styles and in wide range of tempos. I particularly love El Tiempo Pasa Muy Lento because I found it so sensational. A Night Like This brings me a surprise because it is normally played as a chacha song. The new remix style of this song could change your mindset! The tempos of rumbas here vary from 22 to 27 BPM - with 3 songs at 27 BPM! It is noticeably faster than many of their previous albums which are usually around 22-25 BPM which suit training more. However, the fast rumbas in this album will fit more the competitions and social events! Recommended Tracks: El Tiempo Pasa Muy Lento, If You Go Away, Angelitos Negros, Quedate, A Night Like This [JIVE] Although same jives have already appeared in some older albums by other labels, I have to say 'very good so far' for the jive selection which consists of classical rock 'n' roll style, mambo style, and new modern pop style. Considering tempos, interestingly, you can see that 5 jives are at 44 BPM (maximum speed that can burn you out in the competition), 2 at 41BPM (good for training) and 1 at 42BPM. Where do the 43 BPM go? 43 bpm is the perfect tempo - not so fast, not so slow. Though lacking jives at this speed may be a little weak point, you will like the songs here when you listen to them. Recommended Tracks: Rum 'N' CocaCola, La Taberna Del Buda, Monday Morning, Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend [PASO DOBLE] A latin album can't be complete without some good pasos, of course! Here we have 2 tracks for paso dobles: one with 3 highlights (suitable for competitions) and another one with regular 8 beat phrasing (for training or show). Thank god they are not Espana Cani because we are so bored of it. If you want to hear some new sounds, this selection will please you!

Now it's your turn! What do you think about this album? You can listen to the music and order at Special thanks to WRD Music Ltd - Ballroom & Latin for music samples.

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