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If you are looking for a professional and cost effective music editing service for your wedding, anniversary, formation (ballroom/latin), dance performance, ice skating, etc., you have come to the right place! The range of work can be from simply cutting song to creating a full explosive remix for dancing!



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Click on the play buttons to hear the sample tracks. The original tracks were provided by real customers.

Track 1 (Original)
Track 2 (Original)
Track 3 (Original)
Track 4 (Original)
Track 5 (Original)
Track 6 (Original)
Track 1 (Rumba Remix)
Track 2 (Tango Remix)
Track 3 (ChaCha Remix)
Track 4 (Jive Remix)
Track 5 (Foxtrot Remix)
Track 6 (PasoDoble Remix)


These are the estimated NEW prices per track (updated October 2019). Actual costs may vary, depending on the working hour needed. Special discount is applicable to regular customers or customers who order a project containing multiple tracks.

music editing service

Simple Cut

Shorten the song to fit your required show time


Latin / Ballroom Remix

Edit and remix your favourite song for dancing


Latin / Ballroom Remix Bundle

Edit and remix 5 songs for dancing (40% OFF!)


Custom backing track

Custom backing track in Ballroom/Latin style for live performances

from $120

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  • The prices listed above are for personal use only. For a big project, you may be asked to make a 50% deposit. 

  • The sound quality of the final remix depends majorly on the quality of the original file provided. Customers are recommended to provide music files with the best sound quality (e.g. 320 kbps MP3, M4A, or WAV) which can be purchased from iTunes or Amazon stores.

  • We respect intellectual property rights and don't support customers to obtain music illegally (i.e. save from YouTube)

  • For public performance/broadcasting, you should obtain permission from original music copyright holders. 

Why Choosing Dj Ice?

Great Value

Prices are much cheaper than many other service providers

Great Quality

You get professional sound quality with unbeatable price

Free Revision

Need a little more fix? You get it for free (valid within 1 month after the payment)


custom music editing

"I have been using Dj ICE for music editing services for the past 2.5 years. I am an international ice dancer and it is required that we utilize music with specific beats per minute. Dj ICE had a depth of knowledge of understanding of music editing that is extremely impressive. Since then, I have used Dj ICE editing services for countless projects. He has edited music for all of my ice dancing programs as well as for skating programs for shows and students I work with. He always completes the services in a timely manner and is great communicating the status of the projects with the clients. "

Emme Porter - EmmeGirls LLC

"Since November 2013, I regularly asked to remix tracks in strict tempo. I have often been extremely satisfied with his rigorous, efficient and really great work."

Pascal Rivière - Strict Tempo Dance Music for Dancesport Radio

"DJ Ice has completed numerous editing projects for me for use on the ice and on the dance floor. He is always fast and professional and provides top notch service at a reasonable price. I highly recommend his music and editing services. You will not be disappointed!"

Justin Q Ly - San Diego Figure Skating Club